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Why twitter and not facebook?


Warning! Do not take the following post to seriously as it is not intended to offend!


Ok here is my rant for the day…It has been bothering me for a while now, why do I have 215ish followers on twitter and only 24 on facebook? I am not a fan of twitter as anything I have to say is usually longer than 140 characters and I can’t shorten it without losing a bit of me in it. It seems to me that twitter is dominated by the z list celebs with questionable literacy capabilities. Apologises to those on twitter who are not illiterate wannabes but the majority do seem that way. Why not like me on facebook and get the whole picture instead on tiny snippets that are shortened and edited to within an inch of their lives until the true meaning and spirit is lost? 


Sorry I just really dislike using twitter and needed to vent. You may all carry on with your day now safe in the knowledge that I have shed my frustration 🙂 (I am in a very sarcastic mood)



OMG I love my new book! Of course I’m supposed to say that but I am genuinely having the best time writing it! every time I start I find in almost impossible to stop and I feel as if I’m on this terrifying adventure with them! 

These characters are becoming so very real to me, partly because i created them but mostly because several of them are based loosely on different parts of my own personality and as they grow I feel as if I am growing with them. It’s an amazing and overwhelming experience like nothing I ever though possible. I am so anxious to get to the end, re write half of it, and edit it a million times so I can share it with you all! I am seriously excited by this book. Above The Limit got my blood pumping but Don’t rock the boat has all but taken over my soul!!!!



As silly as it may sound but I am sat here watching Location, location, location and it is making me feel slightly homesick! I’ve been in New Zealand for over two years and not once have I missed England but for some reason I do tonight. Again though this is a feeling I can use as I’m sure there will be times my characters in Don’t rock the boat will be feeling very homesick! Every cloud has a silver lining and all that…

Feeling good


After a couple of days of feeling like crap I have had a good day today. Firstly I sold a paperback copy of Above The Limit (Yay! First one!), secondly I have had my B12 jab so feeling a lot more normal, and thirdly I had a fantastic day with the children. 

Now to turn this high into a positive focus for my writing. Thankfully I have reached a part of the story where everyone is happy and cheerful so I should be able to channel my positive day and accurately portray the good vibes on board the Marybelle in Don’t rock the boat.

It’s here!


sorry to repeat myself but I got all excited about the fact that it is available in paper all over again!

Top of the reef

Finally the paperback version of Above The Limit is here! I have read it, re-read it and repeated that process at least 100 times and now I am comfortable enough to commit to paper! 


What a great start to the Easter holiday! Happy Easter everyone 🙂

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It’s personal


Writing Above The Limit was an emotion experience for me and at times I found it draining but compared to Don’t rock the boat it was nothing! This book is allowing me to explore some of the darker aspects of my own past and process them in a way I haven’t been able to before. A lot of it is based on personal experience. Obviously I haven’t survived an apocalyptic event, or been forced to flee to the ocean to survive but I have been through an abusive relationship, I have attempted many times to give up smoking, I have suffered losses and sadness and I have also had the good fortune to benefit from strong and positive friendships. All of these things are allowing me to write, what I hope, will be an outstanding book with very real characters.

This is turning into a wonderful, if sometimes scary and a little too real, journey and I am looking forward to seeing where this path takes me. 




The last few nights I have been itching to write but the constant distractions are making it impossible! Even when I do get the time the constant noise has left my writing lacking as I just can’t concentrate. Children and a partner make for a loud and busy house and as I have said before I wouldn’t change them for the world, but oh what I’d give right now for a couple of days, totally isolated in some hut somewhere up a mountain. Paradise! 

Oh blurb it!


I want to change my book’s cover blurb which is an area I have struggled with since the beginning. I have a tendency to waffle on and find it almost impossible to sum up a whole book in just a few words! Anyway here is my latest attempt, any input at all would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks 🙂


For only the third time in New Zealand’s history a serial killer lurks among them, preying on the innocent and showing no mercy. This killer is out to teach the world a lesson.

Luke McIntyre is a troubled man, haunted by past events and plagued by the unrelenting guilt that followed; he struggles to keep his life together. Now he finds himself hunting a killer more horrifying than he could ever have imagined. As he digs deeper he becomes convinced of the killers identity. There is just one problem; the man in question is already dead. Now he finds himself asking, how do you catch a killer who’s already dead?

His colleagues are unwilling to listen and his focus becomes interrupted by an overwhelming lust for his colleague, the effects of which will have ramifications he could never have envisaged. Luke finds himself alone as the case nears a terrifying conclusion and he is forced to face his darkest demons. Can Luke lay his troubled past to rest in time to stop the monster from killing again?