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35376 words and counting…


Yay! Finally after 35000 words we have a baby in Don’t Rock The Boat! I was starting to think I’d never get there. Over recent weeks I have struggled a little to find the focus and motivation required to write but thankfully it has come flooding back to me over the last couple of days. Novel two is well and truly underway and things are just starting to get really exciting. The chapter I am currently working on will hopefully tug at the toughest hard strings while maintaining a healthy element of surprise and excitement. The deadline I have set myself is fast approaching and I am really going to have to knuckle down if I want to finish on time. Of course I will not sacrifice the book to keep a deadline but it would be nice to be able to follow the plan I worked so hard on. 


Here I go again…

Ok so I have ranted about this before in other places but I have to do it again because the advert is sooooooo annoying! The Ribena berries are cannibals! After traveling the world the adventurous berry returns home to be greeted by his excited family. He then promptly drinks his cousin in celebration! What’s with that? And the worst part is that it makes me want a Ribena!

Feeling good…


Another 1000+ words into Don’t Rock The Boat and I am feeling good. I have decided that bite size writing sessions are the way to go. This book is forcing me to draw on some very deep and personal emotions which can be exhausting but it is also strangely exhilarating. I am currently writing a very emotionally charged chapter which is exploring some of the darker corners of the human psyche and I am having a great time and realising a few things about myself in the process. This chapter is also going to provide a chance for some excitement too which I look forward to. One or two more paragraphs and my imagination will be released full throttle! I know that I am of course biased as the author however I really feel that Don’t Rock The Boat has the potential to become an epic story.

Hope you all have an awesome day 🙂

Moving on


Some of you may have noticed that I have been strangely quiet over the past few weeks, this is very unlike me who usually has something to say. Unfortunately my Grandad passed away a couple of weeks ago and I have been feeling less than social to say the least. Now however I have decided that it is time to move on and channel my grief into a more productive avenue. My writing has fallen to the wayside while I allowed myself to wallow but now it is time to pick myself up and carry on. I have just reached a chapter of my new novel which should be fun to write and also give me a chance to vent some of my pent up emotions that I have been struggling with for the past few weeks. Writing is once again proving to be an effective outlet for the turmoil inside of me, further distilling in me the sense that I have found my calling.