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Smashwords interview


Thanks to Twitter I just discovered the Smashwords authors interview. Had great fun doing it! Come and get to know me and my messed up mind a little better! https://www.smashwords.com/interview/vmrobinson


Why twitter and not facebook?


Warning! Do not take the following post to seriously as it is not intended to offend!


Ok here is my rant for the day…It has been bothering me for a while now, why do I have 215ish followers on twitter and only 24 on facebook? I am not a fan of twitter as anything I have to say is usually longer than 140 characters and I can’t shorten it without losing a bit of me in it. It seems to me that twitter is dominated by the z list celebs with questionable literacy capabilities. Apologises to those on twitter who are not illiterate wannabes but the majority do seem that way. Why not like me on facebook and get the whole picture instead on tiny snippets that are shortened and edited to within an inch of their lives until the true meaning and spirit is lost? 


Sorry I just really dislike using twitter and needed to vent. You may all carry on with your day now safe in the knowledge that I have shed my frustration 🙂 (I am in a very sarcastic mood)