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Review of Above the Limit by Victoria Robinson


CSI- Creative Scene Investigations




For only the third time in New Zealand’s history a serial killer lurks among them, preying on the innocent and showing no mercy. This killer is out to teach the world a lesson. Luke McIntyre is a troubled man, haunted by past events and plagued by the unrelenting guilt that followed; he struggles to keep his life together. Now he finds himself hunting a killer more horrifying than he could ever have imagined. As he digs deeper he becomes convinced of the killers identity. There is just one problem; the man in question is already dead. Now he finds himself asking, how do you catch a killer who’s already dead?

Now, if you’re anything like me, you might look at this cover and think “Eh, it doesn’t look very exciting.” But, Boy, would you be wrong! This was an excellent book with plenty of exciting moments that…

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In loving memory of Les Tripp, the best grandad in the world


Granddad you’re awesome,

In fact you’re the best,

Miles and miles ahead of the rest.


Granddad I love you

I miss you so much

On my life you left such a touch


I remember the days

When I was so young

So many trains and so much fun


I miss you and love you,

My life carries on

I’ll never forget you know that you’re gone.


And I’ll remember your laugh

As I follow my path.

And draw strength from the knowledge

 That your life wasn’t porridge.


I love you.



(he loved porridge and other than Norwich and forage not much rhymes with knowledge!)

Starting them young


Every night before bed my six year old daughter writes, she writes stories and poems and she loves it. Last night I was proudly showing my partner her work which is pretty good most nights and he suggested that we compile it into book form and on one page have it exactly as it is written , then on the next have it with the correct spellings. This is an idea that my daughter loves and is now pushing forward to fill her little notebook with writing so that she can publish her first book. Both she and her little sister are currently helping me to write a children’s book anyway so are already co-authors. It is having a wonderful impact on their imagination, vocab and creativity. I guess its a case of like mother, like daughter 🙂

Rant of the week?


I am considering adding a section to my blog, my rant of the week. There are so many things that irritate me on a a day to day basis, such as the ribena berries being cannibals, that I feel the need to create somewhere I can vent! Let me know what you think.


Also just a reminder that Above The Limit is FREE on kindle today only!!!!

Too close


I have hit a section of my new book, Don’t rock the boat, which is very close to my heart. In it I am tackling an issue that affects so many and has deep reaching repercussions. It is a subject that I have personal experience in and writing it had brought back some very dark memories which I struggled with for so long. I wrote what I thought was a good and accurate description of the actual event only to be hit by an epiphany while sat at work. I am going about this the wrong way. I need to go back and and refocus my attention on another area. I guess what I am trying to say is that even the darkest events can have positive effects. I could never have written such a detailed story had I not lived through this event. I came out of that event a much stronger person and I hope that through my writing, whether the book is fictional or not, I can maybe show others who have been through the same that they are not alone.