Monthly Archives: February 2013

In over my head…


This marketing business has me utterly confused! I now seem to be selling copies of Above The Limit very, very slowly. Painfully slowly actually. It’s almost frustrating although it is kind of expected. I am trying to follow every bodies advice and not oversell, all the while building a ‘following’.  I now have 50 followers on Twitter, only 2 of whom I actually know. I have developed a plan to create a book trailer although I do have doubts about my ability to pull it off. I am going to give it my best shot though! 

I am still awaiting my first review which, if I am honest, is driving me insane! I want to know if I made a spelling mistake on page 5, or if my characters aren’t quite believable. I want to know if the story is over the top or if it is hard to follow. Please tell me what you think! Honest opinions! 

The learning begins…


Ok so have now successfully published my book in kindle, I have read it a thousand times and still keep picking up on grammatical mistake which leads me to believe I need an editor. In truth I think i already knew this but at the moment with two children, a mortgage and other living expenses it is an unrealistic cost. 

Over the last few days I have spent many an hour studying the art of marketing and have become painfully aware that this is far from my strongest point! I will happily accept any advice or criticism on this subject. 

In an effort to become more ‘accessible’ to my possible fan base I have joined twitter (vikkimrobinson) and now have 10 followers. The best thing about this is that I only know one of them so therefore my attempts are showing some fruition. I have also created a page on facebook for Victoria M Robinson which now has 17 followers. I regretfully admit that all of these are friends but you have to start somewhere! 

My efforts have already started to pay off though as I have sold another 2 copies in the last 12 hours. Now all I need is a few reviews and I know that for this I need patience as people need time to read the book before they can comment. Patience however is a quality I am lacking in, but it is a quality I must now endeavor to learn! Wish me luck. 🙂

The start of something big


In all truthfulness this is my second blog. The first was really just me sussing it all out, trying it on if you like, and have a bit of a laugh. This one has a far more serious meaning for me. Since I was a child I have dreamed of writing a book, a dream that I have now recognized.  Having poured my heart and soul into the completion of my novel I now find that the hard work really begins. Getting published is no mean feat and in this blog I aim to log my journey from complete unknown to what I hope will be a successful career.

Firstly let me tell you a little bit about the book. The title is Above the Limit and Its based in Timaru which sits on New Zealands south island on the east coast. Its a small town by the standards of many countries, the UK included which is where I am from originally. In it we follow a troubled young police detective, who is haunted by regret and guilt, as he struggles to hold his life together. Before he can grasp what is happening he is dragged into a dark and evil world as a serial killer begins to prey on the unsuspecting people in his town. Little does he realise how closely his life is entwined with the monster he hunts. As the truth dawns on him he finds himself fighting not only the killer but also his colleagues until in a final, terrifying showdown, he can finally lay his ghosts to rest.

Having finally finished the writing and rewriting of this book I proudly submitted it to 2 agents, both of whom turned me down. This was not really unexpected as it is common knowledge that getting published for the first time is beyond difficult but nevertheless it has left me feeling a little disheartened. Never one to give up i have have spent hours trawling the vastness that is the internet in search of alternative options. Finally I have settled on publishing on Kindle via Amazon in the hope that i can start to build a name for myself.

I guess what I am asking from anyone reading this is that you wish me luck as I am about to launch myself into the unknown. I suspect that I am about to embark upon a steep learning curve in my journey yet, even though a little apprehensive, I find myself filled with excitement.