Hello and welcome to my rant of the week page. Here I shall vent theose pent up feelings of frustration as everyday life irritates me, feel free to add your own rants in the comments! Lets all vent together!


I am so glad I have a sensible Dr who is reluctant to prescribe antibiotics. This virus that is going around is horrible and everyone around me seems to be on antibiotics. They go to their Dr for a cough and get them. A cold? Well give them antibiotics! A tummy bug? I know! Antibiotics! People they do nothing for viral infections! All you are doing is building up a resistance. Everywhere I turn people are asking, ‘Are you on antibiotics? You should ask your Dr for some.’ No thank you. I would rather they worked when I actually needed them. A cold is hardly a life threatening illness (as hard as that is for me to admit when I feel this crap). You will get over if without medication. Unfortunately we seem to live in a world where everyone wants everything fixed instantly and that just isn’t realistic. You will not get better overnight as much as you might want to, and whilst you may think you feel better because of the antibiotics it is mostly psychological. You were always going to get better anyway!

Ok rant over. đŸ™‚

(The opinions expressed in Rant of the Week are just that, my opinions.)

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