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It’s here!


Finally the paperback version of Above The Limit is here! I have read it, re-read it and repeated that process at least 100 times and now I am comfortable enough to commit to paper! 


What a great start to the Easter holiday! Happy Easter everyone 🙂



After another free promotion of Above The Limit another 100 people or so are the proud owners. Also 1999-2000: The year that shaped me is now available in Paperback as well as kindle! All are listed on this page,

Also novel number 2, Don’t rock the boat, is now well and truly underway and taking in a much more in depth look at human nature than I had originally anticipated  Taking the criticism I have received for Above The Limit into account I have decided to let my emotions go and not give in to a lack of confidence. I really feel that this is going to be an awesome book and I am very excited about it!

It’s all happening


Wow. Big day for me today. Extremely busy with the family all day and this evening I have gone on to publish 1999-2000: The year that shaped me in Kindle format (, as well as organising the paperback version which is just undergoing the review process, and I have discovered that I had the wrong date in my mind and my novel Above The Limit is being offered for free TODAY ( and I have attempted to master birthday cake icing. Full on day and I look forward to the results tomorrow 🙂

1999-2000: The year that shaped me. Coming soon…


I have decided to write this book in order that my readers may better get to know me if they so choose. It may also offer insights to those people who believe that they already know me. Some do, some just think they do, some won’t even pretend to know me. Whichever category you fall into I hope that you will enjoy the up close and personal view into the mind of the fifteen year old me.

This book is a compilation of poems that I wrote in one year, a year that shaped the person I have become, a year that brought great pain, sorrow and joy. During this one year I did a lot of growing up. I met the man who was to later become my husband, I learned a harsh lesson about death which brought with it a new and improved view on life, I learned to put my thoughts and emotions, no matter how mixed up, into words. And with this I discovered my love of writing. Taking all this into account when I actually think about it (which I haven’t done until now) it was quite possibly the most important year of my life so far. Without it I wouldn’t have my two beautiful children, I wouldn’t have learned that I can survive anything life throws at me and I wouldn’t be sitting here writing which would be a real shame as it is an activity that I truly love.

Behind each and every poem I wrote that year is a story, many may stem from the same story, others will be stand alone, random thoughts that just sprang into my juvenile mind. Whatever the reason for the writing it was always inspired by a very real thought with a very real feeling behind it.

Some may criticise that there is a lot of repetition in these poems, and yes there may well be, but they all have their own merits and to some extent they all portray the subtle changes to my mood and emotions on any given day. Some of you may think these are nothing more than the whining’s of an average teenager and that is fine, all I really want to do is give people the chance to get to know me and why I am who I am today. Many of these poems are still able to conjure up emotions that I had long thought dead and buried. These poems are a very real part of me and in many ways I am about to lay myself bare.

Only two of these poems have ever been published before.

Obviously the years following these have played a hand in shaping who I am today but this is where it all started. This was the beginning.



Writing 1999-2000: The year that shaped me, is proving challenging. As I have already mentioned the emotional impact is strong, I am reliving memories and events that I had long since put to bed. Now I am struggling to decided which poems to include. How much to I expose myself? Do I expose my darkest thoughts and feelings or do I just skim the most socially acceptable off the top and only display them? How much do people really want to read?



Just thought I’d share my first 2 reviews for Above The Limit as I am rather proud of them. They are both 3 star which I am happy with 🙂

This book fits very neatly into the category of good story, easy read. Perfect for the train commute! A story in itself and yet if also feels like the start of something bigger This is the first book by the author and at times it does indeed lack the confidence of an experienced writer with a stable of books behind them, so it’s not a challenging read but that doesn’t stop it from being a great story. It’s a solid debut novel and I’m looking forward to what may happen next and how the characters might develop. If you like crime drama that rocks along and gives you a few twists and turns then you’ll definitely enjoy Above The Limit.


This is the first book by Victoria Robinson and you can tell. I struggled through the first half of it and wasn’t exactly keen to pick it back up to finish. I found the characters to be a bit over the top at times and i wasn’t at all keen over the situation between Luke and Louisa, i enjoy my crime thrillers to be exactly that and the little side story between them i found distracting.
Saying that, once i picked it back up i eventually got into the story and the characters improved. It took a while for the story to get going but once it did i found it ended a lot quicker than i would have like.
I often read books that leave you with plot holes and questions and it’s extremely frustrating but i think she managed to tie up the loose ends in the final few chapters and most of the questions i did have were answered.
This isn’t one of those in depth crime books that makes you work to find out who the guy is, it’s an easy read and the characters simple enough to keep track of so you could finish it in a day or two. The killers method isn’t one I’ve come across yet so it’s a change in pace for a crime thriller, it’s worth picking up for that alone. The story revolves around a handful of families that have been murdered in New Zealand, in each family only one person is left unharmed and it quickly becomes clear that the killer has done this to send a message. We follow Detective Luke McIntyre and his partner Louisa as they try find a link between the murders and fight their own problems at the same time. If they don’t figure out the killers message in time it’s going to become even more personal for Luke and his demons are going to take on an even bigger shape.
I’m glad i picked the book back up and finished it because she eventually found her footing. It’s a book I’d like to see become a series, the characters have the potential to develop into something bigger and i think with time she’s going to become a solid author.



Writing is decidedly difficult when trying to raise a family and work full time! I could achieve so much more if only i could disappear into my own little world for just one week. I am making progress but it is so much slower than I would like and patience is still a quality that alludes me. I must admit that I do tend to live in my own little bubble, but living in my imaginary bubble isn’t quite enough as I am frequently pulled out of it by family, work and friends. For example while I was writing this my partner decided that I needed to watch the advert on the telly as it seemed like a good Christmas present for me. Christmas is months away! The thought was sweet but it doesn’t make it easy to concentrate. All this I say in good humor as I wouldn’t change my family for anything in the world 🙂

The poetry moves me


Re-reading all these poems that I wrote oh so long ago is pulling some serious emotional strings deep inside me. Old feelings I’d left buried are being resurrected and it is becoming a very emotional event. On some level I am scared of publishing these poems as they will leave me completely exposed but having said that there is a strong need to honour the young me and the events that created the person I am today.

Decisions, decisions…


I have come to the conclusion that I need to channel my energies in a more efficient manner. I am currently writing 2 novels, piecing together a compilation of poetry and writing a children’s book! Not to mention working full time, being a mum and my continuing efforts to master this marketing business. The time may have come to stop, take a deep breath, and pick just one project at a time!!!