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So I have taken on a lot of constructive criticism for my first book, Above The Limit, and I am hoping that I am on the right track with the 2nd. Below is the first chapter, in full, and I am looking for honest opinions. Please don’t hold back, I want to hear what people think. Just please bear in mind that this is the unedited first draft and spelling mistakes etc will be rectified before publication!

Carrie’s heart was pumping in her chest, her adrenaline running wild. She was so sick of this every day, running for her life just so she could deliver food. Christ where had they gone? She looked about frantically knowing that they hadn’t given up yet. Not seeing them was often more dangerous than being right in front of them. At least that way you knew where they were.
She hooked a left and…

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About Victoria M Robinson

After years of dreaming I have decided to jump in the deep end and aim for the top! Wish me luck ! Aspiring author and mother of two. My debut novel is available in Kindle, paperback and large print format on Amazon

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