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Happy Halloween! (Yes I know I’m late)


What an awesome Halloween we just had! 

I have entered the Halloween short story competition on Booktrack (great  invention) which you can read for free at 


My eldest daughter has also entered the competition (she is 7) and you can read her entry at http://cdn.booktrack.com/studio/index.html#!/bookshelf?myProjects&booktrackId=614422cdaed54ecc874c71ef087a3464

On Halloween we went trick or treating and on Friday we had a party. Now have some very tired children! Homemade costumes turned out great! 



24hrs only!


As my book, Above The Limit, will be available on smashwords from 1st August I have had to un-enroll from the KDP program on Amazon. As a result I am using up the last of my free promotional days today. So for the last time get your copy of Above The Limit FREE from Amazon today! 


Reviews much appreciated on both Amazon and Goodreads. Thanks 🙂

Steep learning curve


This week I read the Smashwords formatting guide, and boy what an eye opener that was! Thank you very much Smashwords! I never realised that my book was so badly formatted previously. There are so many more layers than I thought possible! I have developed a deeper understanding of Word and the havoc it can reek without my knowledge. With  this in mind I spent hours (while nursing my oldest through a nasty bout of chicken pox) working on and improving Above The Limit. Now I hope that my work will come across in a much neater and more professional way. All being equal Above The Limit will be available through smashwords on 1st August. If you really can’t wait until then 😉 there is a free giveaway of the Kindle edition on Amazon this weekend to celebrate my new knowledge! Enjoy.