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Coming to life


Yay Lilly VS Willie has finally got an illustrator! So excited. Got the first drafts for the main characters last night and am almost lost for words! They are exactly how I pictured them in my head and so happy to finally see the story coming to life! Ran them past the children this morning (who better to judge a children’s book than children?) and they were very excited about it. After 2 very long years of wondering if this book was ever going to make it to publication I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. 🙂

Happy Halloween! (Yes I know I’m late)


What an awesome Halloween we just had! 

I have entered the Halloween short story competition on Booktrack (great  invention) which you can read for free at 


My eldest daughter has also entered the competition (she is 7) and you can read her entry at http://cdn.booktrack.com/studio/index.html#!/bookshelf?myProjects&booktrackId=614422cdaed54ecc874c71ef087a3464

On Halloween we went trick or treating and on Friday we had a party. Now have some very tired children! Homemade costumes turned out great! 



Catching up


It’s true I haven’t been on here for a while but in my defense a lot has happened in the last month. 

Firstly I am now a New Zealand resident! This is very exciting and I couldn’t be happier 🙂

Secondly a very strong Nor West wind left me without power for 6 days. Now that was an experience! 2 small kids and no power. We turned it into an adventure though and enjoyed a few campfires, BBQs and the beauty of the candles at night. I am pleased to report that my girls and I bonded a lot during this time. It also allowed me time to catch up with some reading while I had no TV. It was extremely calming and I haven’t felt that relaxed or good about myself for a long time. I highly recommend turning off the power on occasion and enjoying a simpler life 🙂

Also during the last month I suffered with a 6 day long migraine which I have rated M5 on my new scale. 

I have decided to rate my headaches/migraines on a scale in much the same way they rate tornados (and name them like hurricanes!).
M1 = mild headache curable with 2 paracetamol, no disruption to normal life
M2 = bad headache curable with 2 paracetamol and 2 nurofen, mild disruption to daily functions if left untreated
M3 = bad headache with pain starting to develop behind/around the eye + minor nausea cured with mersyndol
M4 = migraine with which I can perform most daily tasks if I really have to, usually cured with mersyndol
M5 = severe migraine causing extreme disruptions to everyday life. sometimes results in hospitalization, not curable with pills.

I have named it Michelle! 🙂 My head still hurts now but is much much better than it was.

The result of all this excitement was a very unproductive month as far as my writing went. Oh well never mind. Playing catch up is always a fun game!

Still learning…


Just when I think I’ve got to grasps with this self publishing business Smashwords goes and turns my world upside down again! Thanks to their style guide the Smashwords edition of Above The Limit looks and feels far more professional. I tried to apply the same techniques to the Amazon version but it seems that no matter how hard I try Amazon seem to butcher it ever conversion! Thankfully I am now aware that Smashwords will distribute to Amazon anyway so soon I will be able to take my kindle account down and just operate through Smashwords. 

I have also discovered that I made one critical error. I published Above The Limit via Smashwords earlier in the month and was forced to unpublish within minutes as I quickly realised that I had the date wrong and my KDP enrollment on Amazon had not yet expired. Within the 5 minutes or so that it was available on Smashwords 5 people downloaded samples. There was definite interest in the book. Since I have re-published it I have had no hits. This is obviously disappointing and I hope that my mistake won’t cost me too dearly in the long run. 

Above The Limit has now been accepted into the premium catalog which means that it will be distributed to several major online retailers. I am obviously very excited about this. 

During the course of my self publishing adventure with Smashwords I have discovered that I can set a book up with a future release date and offer a pre-order service. I am now looking ever more forward to completing Don’t Rock The Boat which I was hoping to release in December. This date is now looking less likely as life seems to have a habit of getting in the way! I will of course keep the world informed of my progress and intentions though!

Thank you for reading and have a great day.



Steep learning curve


This week I read the Smashwords formatting guide, and boy what an eye opener that was! Thank you very much Smashwords! I never realised that my book was so badly formatted previously. There are so many more layers than I thought possible! I have developed a deeper understanding of Word and the havoc it can reek without my knowledge. With  this in mind I spent hours (while nursing my oldest through a nasty bout of chicken pox) working on and improving Above The Limit. Now I hope that my work will come across in a much neater and more professional way. All being equal Above The Limit will be available through smashwords on 1st August. If you really can’t wait until then 😉 there is a free giveaway of the Kindle edition on Amazon this weekend to celebrate my new knowledge! Enjoy.

35376 words and counting…


Yay! Finally after 35000 words we have a baby in Don’t Rock The Boat! I was starting to think I’d never get there. Over recent weeks I have struggled a little to find the focus and motivation required to write but thankfully it has come flooding back to me over the last couple of days. Novel two is well and truly underway and things are just starting to get really exciting. The chapter I am currently working on will hopefully tug at the toughest hard strings while maintaining a healthy element of surprise and excitement. The deadline I have set myself is fast approaching and I am really going to have to knuckle down if I want to finish on time. Of course I will not sacrifice the book to keep a deadline but it would be nice to be able to follow the plan I worked so hard on. 

Feeling good…


Another 1000+ words into Don’t Rock The Boat and I am feeling good. I have decided that bite size writing sessions are the way to go. This book is forcing me to draw on some very deep and personal emotions which can be exhausting but it is also strangely exhilarating. I am currently writing a very emotionally charged chapter which is exploring some of the darker corners of the human psyche and I am having a great time and realising a few things about myself in the process. This chapter is also going to provide a chance for some excitement too which I look forward to. One or two more paragraphs and my imagination will be released full throttle! I know that I am of course biased as the author however I really feel that Don’t Rock The Boat has the potential to become an epic story.

Hope you all have an awesome day 🙂