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Coming to life


Yay Lilly VS Willie has finally got an illustrator! So excited. Got the first drafts for the main characters last night and am almost lost for words! They are exactly how I pictured them in my head and so happy to finally see the story coming to life! Ran them past the children this morning (who better to judge a children’s book than children?) and they were very excited about it. After 2 very long years of wondering if this book was ever going to make it to publication I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. 🙂




Tonight the world of Smashwords was introduced to me…I haven’t mastered Amazon yet! But, regardless, I am going to spend the next few days (while I am house bound with chicken poxy children) exploring this new world and see if it opens up any new doors for me. My marketing skills are still hiding somewhere just beyond my reach and I am failing miserably in that department. Any help I can get is much appreciated. Everyday is another step in my learning journey as I aim to master the world of publishing and make a success of myself.

Oh blurb it!


I want to change my book’s cover blurb which is an area I have struggled with since the beginning. I have a tendency to waffle on and find it almost impossible to sum up a whole book in just a few words! Anyway here is my latest attempt, any input at all would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks 🙂


For only the third time in New Zealand’s history a serial killer lurks among them, preying on the innocent and showing no mercy. This killer is out to teach the world a lesson.

Luke McIntyre is a troubled man, haunted by past events and plagued by the unrelenting guilt that followed; he struggles to keep his life together. Now he finds himself hunting a killer more horrifying than he could ever have imagined. As he digs deeper he becomes convinced of the killers identity. There is just one problem; the man in question is already dead. Now he finds himself asking, how do you catch a killer who’s already dead?

His colleagues are unwilling to listen and his focus becomes interrupted by an overwhelming lust for his colleague, the effects of which will have ramifications he could never have envisaged. Luke finds himself alone as the case nears a terrifying conclusion and he is forced to face his darkest demons. Can Luke lay his troubled past to rest in time to stop the monster from killing again?



Writing 1999-2000: The year that shaped me, is proving challenging. As I have already mentioned the emotional impact is strong, I am reliving memories and events that I had long since put to bed. Now I am struggling to decided which poems to include. How much to I expose myself? Do I expose my darkest thoughts and feelings or do I just skim the most socially acceptable off the top and only display them? How much do people really want to read?