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Coming to life


Yay Lilly VS Willie has finally got an illustrator! So excited. Got the first drafts for the main characters last night and am almost lost for words! They are exactly how I pictured them in my head and so happy to finally see the story coming to life! Ran them past the children this morning (who better to judge a children’s book than children?) and they were very excited about it. After 2 very long years of wondering if this book was ever going to make it to publication I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. 🙂




OMG I love my new book! Of course I’m supposed to say that but I am genuinely having the best time writing it! every time I start I find in almost impossible to stop and I feel as if I’m on this terrifying adventure with them! 

These characters are becoming so very real to me, partly because i created them but mostly because several of them are based loosely on different parts of my own personality and as they grow I feel as if I am growing with them. It’s an amazing and overwhelming experience like nothing I ever though possible. I am so anxious to get to the end, re write half of it, and edit it a million times so I can share it with you all! I am seriously excited by this book. Above The Limit got my blood pumping but Don’t rock the boat has all but taken over my soul!!!!