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Reviews wanted….


Hi again. Above The Limit can be obtained for free for the next week only using coupon number EJ89V on smashwords. https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/337881
All reviews are greatly appreciated. 🙂

This horrifying debut novel introduces the troubled Detective Luke McIntyre. Set in the beautiful but sleepy town of Timaru on New Zealand’s south island it will get your pulse racing and your blood pumping.
Luke suddenly finds himself plunged into a world far darker and more terrifying than he could ever have imagined as he finds his life entwined with that of the most chilling killer that New Zealand has ever seen.
With his personal life falling apart Luke must now hold it together long enough to figure out how to catch the killer before he strikes again. As he digs deeper he becomes convinced of the killer’s identity. There is just one problem; the man in question is already dead. Now he finds himself asking, how do you catch a killer who’s already dead?

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As my book, Above The Limit, will be available on smashwords from 1st August I have had to un-enroll from the KDP program on Amazon. As a result I am using up the last of my free promotional days today. So for the last time get your copy of Above The Limit FREE from Amazon today! 


Reviews much appreciated on both Amazon and Goodreads. Thanks 🙂



Just thought I’d share my first 2 reviews for Above The Limit as I am rather proud of them. They are both 3 star which I am happy with 🙂

This book fits very neatly into the category of good story, easy read. Perfect for the train commute! A story in itself and yet if also feels like the start of something bigger This is the first book by the author and at times it does indeed lack the confidence of an experienced writer with a stable of books behind them, so it’s not a challenging read but that doesn’t stop it from being a great story. It’s a solid debut novel and I’m looking forward to what may happen next and how the characters might develop. If you like crime drama that rocks along and gives you a few twists and turns then you’ll definitely enjoy Above The Limit.


This is the first book by Victoria Robinson and you can tell. I struggled through the first half of it and wasn’t exactly keen to pick it back up to finish. I found the characters to be a bit over the top at times and i wasn’t at all keen over the situation between Luke and Louisa, i enjoy my crime thrillers to be exactly that and the little side story between them i found distracting.
Saying that, once i picked it back up i eventually got into the story and the characters improved. It took a while for the story to get going but once it did i found it ended a lot quicker than i would have like.
I often read books that leave you with plot holes and questions and it’s extremely frustrating but i think she managed to tie up the loose ends in the final few chapters and most of the questions i did have were answered.
This isn’t one of those in depth crime books that makes you work to find out who the guy is, it’s an easy read and the characters simple enough to keep track of so you could finish it in a day or two. The killers method isn’t one I’ve come across yet so it’s a change in pace for a crime thriller, it’s worth picking up for that alone. The story revolves around a handful of families that have been murdered in New Zealand, in each family only one person is left unharmed and it quickly becomes clear that the killer has done this to send a message. We follow Detective Luke McIntyre and his partner Louisa as they try find a link between the murders and fight their own problems at the same time. If they don’t figure out the killers message in time it’s going to become even more personal for Luke and his demons are going to take on an even bigger shape.
I’m glad i picked the book back up and finished it because she eventually found her footing. It’s a book I’d like to see become a series, the characters have the potential to develop into something bigger and i think with time she’s going to become a solid author.