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Writing an emotional story line at the moment and having to do it in bite sized chunks as it is draining! It is my own fault though as I created the story. There are certain story lines that come a little too close to home and really tug at my heart strings. Hoping that it will be worth it in the end though as by tapping into my own experiences and traumas I hop to create a realistic portrayal of the events that my poor characters are being subjected to!

Catching up


It’s true I haven’t been on here for a while but in my defense a lot has happened in the last month. 

Firstly I am now a New Zealand resident! This is very exciting and I couldn’t be happier 🙂

Secondly a very strong Nor West wind left me without power for 6 days. Now that was an experience! 2 small kids and no power. We turned it into an adventure though and enjoyed a few campfires, BBQs and the beauty of the candles at night. I am pleased to report that my girls and I bonded a lot during this time. It also allowed me time to catch up with some reading while I had no TV. It was extremely calming and I haven’t felt that relaxed or good about myself for a long time. I highly recommend turning off the power on occasion and enjoying a simpler life 🙂

Also during the last month I suffered with a 6 day long migraine which I have rated M5 on my new scale. 

I have decided to rate my headaches/migraines on a scale in much the same way they rate tornados (and name them like hurricanes!).
M1 = mild headache curable with 2 paracetamol, no disruption to normal life
M2 = bad headache curable with 2 paracetamol and 2 nurofen, mild disruption to daily functions if left untreated
M3 = bad headache with pain starting to develop behind/around the eye + minor nausea cured with mersyndol
M4 = migraine with which I can perform most daily tasks if I really have to, usually cured with mersyndol
M5 = severe migraine causing extreme disruptions to everyday life. sometimes results in hospitalization, not curable with pills.

I have named it Michelle! 🙂 My head still hurts now but is much much better than it was.

The result of all this excitement was a very unproductive month as far as my writing went. Oh well never mind. Playing catch up is always a fun game!