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Steep learning curve


This week I read the Smashwords formatting guide, and boy what an eye opener that was! Thank you very much Smashwords! I never realised that my book was so badly formatted previously. There are so many more layers than I thought possible! I have developed a deeper understanding of Word and the havoc it can reek without my knowledge. With Ā this in mind I spent hours (while nursing my oldest through a nasty bout of chicken pox) working on and improving Above The Limit. Now I hope that my work will come across in a much neater and more professional way. All being equal Above The Limit will be available through smashwords on 1st August. If you really can’t wait until then šŸ˜‰ there is a free giveaway of the Kindle edition on Amazon this weekend to celebrate my new knowledge! Enjoy.



Tonight the world of Smashwords was introduced to me…I haven’t mastered Amazon yet! But, regardless, I am going to spend the next few days (while I am house bound with chicken poxy children) exploring this new world and see if it opens up any new doors for me. My marketing skills are still hiding somewhere just beyond my reach and I am failing miserably in that department. Any help I can get is much appreciated. Everyday is another step in my learning journey as I aim to master the world of publishing and make a success of myself.

The greatest fun


I have to admit that I have allowed my learning journey through the world of marketing to fall to the wayside a little. The reason for this is simple. I am having the best fun writing and researching for Don’t rock the boat. The writing itself is allowing me to explore the deepest, darkest crevasses of my mind and after taking some of the constructive criticism IĀ receivedĀ for Above The Limit on board I am letting myself run free without holding back this time. It really is a liberating experience and I shall be keen to see what people think of the results when I am finally finished.

The research side of it isĀ fascinatingĀ too. Some of the things I have learned so far are: how to build a wind turbine (basic understanding), how to distill sea water and that I really really want an 85′ catamaran!


Dreams are free and the catamaran will have to wait but the fun is far from over with this book!